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From Whom Much is Given

From Whom Much is Given

Antoine Carey is a local entrepreneur and public speaker who was once incarcerated. He decided not to let his past define him nor dictate his future. He obtained his barber's license while in prison and now is the owner of Faded & Co. Barbershop and Faded & Co. Barber Academy located in Fredericksburg, VA. Carey feels it’s his moral obligation to share his story in an effort to combat recidivism and help break generational cycles of incarceration. He debuted a documentary on his life, Fade in Full "The Story of Antoine Carey" in 2019.


He accepts his social responsibility to utilize every opportunity afforded to give back to and influence the community. Carey endeavors to continue sharing his story via “From Whom Much Is Given….” with an aim of restoring hope in the lives of those affected by incarceration and to be a voice for the voiceless.

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