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Meet Jalon Fairchild I was inspired to become a barber because I learned early in life that barbering is more than just a profession, it’s about people and relationships - family.   When I was growing up, my grandmother owned a hair salon.  After she sold her salon, we would still visit the owners and I spent hours listening to stories and watching the stylists and barbers. I recognized early on that a barber’s patient, listening ear is key to building a relationship with the customer.  


It’s important for the customer to not only have a barber that’s skilled but someone they can speak to without being judged.  That’s why I attended Faded & Co's Barber Academy and began barbering with Mr. Antoine Carey.  His mission is to inspire us to perfect our craft, give back to our community, and foster an environment of family.  All things I respect and value.


’ve enjoyed perfecting my skills while making my clients look and feel good.  Book with me and you won’t be disappointed!

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