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Barber Academy 
Faded & Co. Barber Academy Application for Admission
Please carefully read & answer all questions. You will not be considered for admission if you fail to answer all of the questions on this application.
Personal Data
Emergency Contact

Enrollment Information

Class Schedule
How did you hear about us?


Please select all that apply

Please have your transcript sent to our school verifying your hours. If previous school is in another state, please request a Board Certification Letter from their State Board be sent to our school.

Additional Information

Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense? If yes, explain:
Do you currently have pending criminal charges against you? If yes, explain:
Do you have an infectious condition or illness that would affect your ability to service a client?

Admission Requirements

The following items are required to complete your application for admission. Please upload the following documents:

o    Original transcript from prior barber school if transferring student (If Applicable)
o    Copy of Social Security card
o    Copy of Driver’s License or State Issued Identification card
o    Copy of High School Diploma or GED

$1500 Deposit ($1750 if enrolling in classroom & online instruction)

Please make checks & money orders payable to: Faded & Co. Barber Academy and mail to Faded & Co. Barber Academy, 2215 Emancipation Hwy, Ste 102, Fredericksburg VA 22401.

Upload File

I certify that the information I have given on this application is complete and accurate. Any willful misrepresentation of fact may be cause for withdrawal of my application from consideration, cancellation of admission or registration or suspension from the school.

I hereby acknowledge that the school may verify the information set forth herein from sources accessible under law to institution, but that the school may divulge the contents of this application only as permitted under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1074 if I am or have been in attendance of this school. Further, I authorize Faded & Co. Barber Academy to do a criminal background check.

If under 18, parent or guardian must sign application.

Thank you for applying! We’ll be in touch soon..

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